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Safety concerns forgotten for child

Child travels on the back of the motorcycle without minimal safety precautions

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I have been reading about the negligence of minors in society and more and more I’m aware about the warnings and news of children dying or at risk because of negligence by adults. Just last week in Jumeirah, right in front of my car, I saw a little girl clutching to her dad’s waist. I believe road rules impose that children should be seated in the backseat of a car, with the seatbelt of course. On the bike, the only belt was her own grip to her father’s waist. The father was travelling at a safe speed, but there is still no guarantee that other commuters on the road are driving safe. Not only is it a negligent act, but those watching a small kid on the bike, unfastened and at risk, were affected and shocked. I insist that no amount of risk is worth the child’s life. Any minimal risk you undertake for your child is as good as criminal negligence.

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