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Road safety is a serious issue

Speeding, tailgating, flashing headlights - irresponsible motorists take over UAE roads

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While on the road, I have come across a lot of drivers who harass me by driving right behind my car, flashing their lights, honking their horns and generally being on my tail.

Also, when I drive in the city, I always keep to the 60km/h speed limit, yet some motorists force me from my lane as they drive at speeds above the permitted limit.

Shaikh Zayed Road and tunnel have an 80km/h speed limit, but often, school and construction company buses and other vehicles harass and scold drivers who maintain this speed.

Other irresponsible motorists have no lane discipline.

They drive in the emergency lane to penetrate the fast or extreme left lane or swerve into either the right or left lane from the center without the permission of drivers around them.

They take u-turns from the second left lane or turn left from the third lane which inconveniences drivers turning properly.

Such drivers must be punished and more cameras need to be installed to ensure the authorities are able to vigilantly track down those law-breakers who drive and deliberately ignore the rules.

The authorities have provided us with perfect roads, bridges and tunnels and the traffic department has made an effort to educate drivers about safe driving practices. The sheer number of drivers who forget all they have learned and drive irresponsibly is very disheartening to see.

The reader is based in Abu Dhabi.

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