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Five winners for community reports competition for November

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The Gulf News Readers’ Desk has taken on a new avatar. We are now, officially, the Social Media Team of Gulf News and its sister publications.

Does that mean a change in emphasis on readers or our engagement with people who consume our content?

No. Readers are, and continue to be the focus of our work. Nevertheless, the channels that they reach out to us have changed markedly in the decade since the section was launched.

What once came through snail mail and email, now gets posted on our various social platforms. The engagement and feedback is immediate, urgent, making us even more relevant.

In recognition of this vital shift towards digital, the management thought that it is important for us to reflect that progression. Hence, Social Media Team. We hope to continue hearing from you and engaging on multiple layers of interactivity over the coming months and years.

Coming to the winners of the community reports for November, we have picked five as opposed to the usual three. Two of them are honorary mentions. The reason for this high number is the quality, depth and spread of reports that came in - giving us a difficult but extremely happy task of choosing the finalists.

People and society are the reason a newspaper exists and the fact that we are such an elementary part of that makes us proud - reflected in the numerous submissions. May we continue to collaborate for decades to come. Wishing you a Merry Christmas in advance.