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Reckless driving a nuisance in Sharjah

A little patience is all that’s needed to be safe on the road

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Fatima SuhailRush to nowhereMaintaining lane discipline seems to be a difficult task for impatient drivers in Sharjah, but it is the surest way to avoid accidents and save lives.
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On many occasions, I have witnessed motorists driving recklessly on the roads without any consideration for their fellow drivers.

One of the most common issues is that some motorists have absolutely no lane discipline. I was shocked to see the inconsiderate and careless attitude of these drivers, who rushed in and cut through the long queue of vehicles at a Y-junction, in the Al Majaz area of Sharjah. They overtook our car, nearly causing an accident.

This sort of recklessness and uncivilised behaviour is unacceptable and intolerable. I fail to understand why some people act in such a way.

We all have problems and we all have time constraints but this certainly does not give us the right to violate traffic rules and take other motorists for granted by overtaking them and disrupting the traffic flow.

Motorists should learn to respect the laws and adhere to them, rather than taking such shortcuts and putting the lives of others at stake.

Most of the accidents can be avoided if people make it a point to drive within the allowed speed limit and maintain lane discipline.

The traffic condition on the roads in Sharjah can be improved drastically only if motorists remain patient while at wheel and do not indulge in such irresponsible acts.

The reader is a journalism student, based in Dubai

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