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Placement of trash bins causes nuisance for park visitors

Large trashcans near Abu Shagara park give a bad odor and look to the area

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Mazhar AslamSore pointLarge trash bins placed near the Abu Shagara Park not only give the area a bad odour, but also increase hygiene risks for the park visitors.
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I would like to once again bring to the authority’s attention the placement of several open municipality garbage bins near the Abu Shagara Park. The sight of these bins are appalling to the eyes and unbearable to the nose, due to the terrible stench from these bins.

Needless to mention, these bins attract great attention from rodents and insects; hence, they are a big concern to the area’s hygiene, especially due to the presence of residential buildings and hotels near the park.

An earlier report by Gulf News on November 13, 2011 highlighted this issue, in which the concerned authorities made several commitments to solve the problem, but until today, nothing has yet been fulfilled.

Therefore, it is my humble request that we highlight this issue again and urge the concerned authorities to rid the area of these garbage bins by coming up with a better solution.

This reader is an operations assistant based in Sharjah

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