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People should learn to clean up their trash

Garbage is left outside, even though numerous trashcans are found in the area

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Several months ago I highlighted the littering situation occurring in Oud Metha near the sports club in that area. The situation has not changed at all. I always see trash being left on the roads during weekends, especially on Thursday evenings and Friday mornings. Even though there are a lot of trash cans in the area, people don’t use them.

The maintenance and cleaning services clean up the mess every time and I pity that this tedious task is left for them regularly.

People seem to lack their basic civic sense. Would people do this in their own house? No, they wouldn’t! Then why don’t they treat the outdoor public places in the same manner. It is just a matter of mindset.

People need to remember that whatever we throw, comes back to us. If we keep our society and environment clean, we will remain clean and healthy as well. This important message needs to be passed on to younger generations as well.

This reader is an operations and sales manager in Dubai.

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