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Pedestrians hunt for crossings

Broken sign post leaves pedestrians searching for crosswalk

Image Credit: Unmesh Datta
Unmesh DattaIn disrepairPedestrians in Tourist Club area of Abu Dhabi face difficulties when trying to find crosswalks thanks to broken sign posts.
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Recently I had gone to Abu Dhabi to relax after the hectic schedule of studying all year long. I was looking to cross the Tourist Club Area on the Electra Street via a pedestrian crossing, and was searching for one, when I saw a sight which disturbed me a lot.

It was a broken sign post with the top of the post empty and the sign, labeled ‘Pedestrian Crossing’, lying at the bottom.

In the dark, people are not able to identify the signboard unless they actually go and try to figure out where the pedestrian crossing is.

The concerned authorities need to rectify this problem as soon as possible, so that the people coming from the park nearby can easily cross the street without having to search for the pedestrian crossing. Also, another suggestion would be to integrate new signboards so that people can easily follow directions to where the crossing is.

The reader is a student of Delhi Private School in Sharjah.

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