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Pedestrian lights required for safety

Pedestrians cross roads without any clear indication of whether it is safe to do so

Image Credit: Saptarshi Roy Chowdhury
Saptarshi Roy ChowdhuryNeed for lightsA pedestrian crossing in Abu Dhabi that lacks traffic lights. This can pose serious danger to anyone who is not cautious while crossing the road.
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I want to draw the attention of the concerned authorities to this issue (pictured). There are no pedestrian lights at traffic signals located in many areas in Abu Dhabi. One has to turn around and look backwards to see the traffic signal before crossing, which is not in line with a general reflex action of a person. An unmindful person might miss looking back to check the signal and could start to cross the road, as there is no pedestrian light in their view.

This may result in fatal accidents. Moreover, a young child, if crossing the street alone, may not be so cautious and will be most likely to make such a mistake.

A signal for vehicular and pedestrian traffic is of equal importance and the same nature of visibility should be considered for all types of commuters. More than a vehicle to vehicle collision, a vehicle to pedestrian collision has a higher potential of a fatality and hence no chance should be taken on pedestrian lights. Such assumptions that a person will always look back while crossing can create a menace.

A motorists is a trained person and will be naturally more cautious than a pedestrian and hence the latter is more susceptible to accidents. So it is again more important to place the pedestrian lights in a way that it comes into easy attention of a commuter.

I urge the authorities to recognise this fact and make a review in order to install proper pedestrian lights at all road crossings.

 The reader is a student of Our Own English High School based in Abu Dhabi.


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