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Parents endanger their own children’s lives

Reader urges parents to drive carefully on road and take care of their children’s safety

Image Credit: Balsam Abood
Father endangers son’s life as he plays with the son while driving at Mega Mall roundabout
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Recently, I was driving home at night from the roundabout after King Abdul Aziz Road in Abu Shagara area of Sharjah.

I saw that a father had his son, who I assume would have been about three years old, seated on his lap while driving (as seen in the photograph).

When are these ignorant parents going to realise that this is not an act of loving your children — this act in fact endangers their innocent lives.

Parents should understand that they must not put their children in danger in such careless ways.

I urge them to take responsibility of looking after the safety of their children and drive carefully on roads.


The reader is based in Sharjah.


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