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Open manholes a threat to passing families

Families face possible injury due to exposed manholes

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I would like to raise a serious health and safety concern about the streets of Khalifa City A, sector 32, zone 133, street 39. Within 25 and 50 meters of a primary school in the area there are two open manholes along the edge of the road.

One, which is 1.5 meters deep, and has sharp timber and steel sticking out of it. The other is over two meters deep. Both are without a protective cover.

Families with young children walk past these hazards on a daily basis, and are in danger of receiving serious injuries if someone were to fall into one these openings.

Vehicles also drive past the same hazards regularly and if a car were to hit one of these openings it could cause serious damage.

This is the second time two similar hazards, within 1.3 kilometres of each other, have been reported and the families here need the authorities to take immediate action to help make our streets safe.

The reader is a health, safety and environment manager based in Abu Dhabi.

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