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Open areas turn into garbage dumps due to lack of bins

Dumps and unpleasant smells result of garbage bin’s sudden move

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I live on Rolla Road in Bur Dubai and people here are throwing their garbage in open areas.

The reason for this is that there is no designated place for people to dispose of waste. There used to be a garbage bin, but one night the large garbage bin was suddenly moved inside our building. Now the problem is that many of the buildings nearby do not have space where they can place a garbage bin. So, the residents continue throwing their garbage in the same place they used to, even though the bin no longer exists.

Also, there is a persistent bad smell in our building because we are forced to keep the garbage bin in our building’s parking area, which ends up taking up a parking space as well. I don’t know why they have done this. It is very bad for health.

I hope something can be done to rectify this situation.

The reader is based in Dubai.

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