Lack of pedestrian crossings in Sharjah road leads to accidents

Pedestrians risk their lives to cross a road in Sharjah

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I recently witnessed a dangerous incident on the Al Khan Road in Sharjah. It was a horrible feeling when I saw a woman crossing the road – she tried to jump over the cement divider. I was shocked when she lost her balance twice.

It is a road used quite often by motorists. She was looking in the wrong direction and a car was approaching her from the right side. I have seen such a sight so many times on this road. There was even an accident once. People reside on both sides of the road. There are several shops on one side and people cross to shop. The way people cross the road is very dangerous.

I request the authorities to take immediate action so we can avoid more accidents from happening. I request the authorities to please plan a suitable crossing for the pedestrians and put a high fence on the divider to save people’s lives.


The reader is a business development manager based in Dubai.

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