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Lack of Abu Dhabi exit in industrial city frustrates motorists

Motorway for trucks needed to reduce traffic

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  • This is the road which is coming from Abu Dhabi Industrial Area 3 to Mussafah main road intersection.The only Image Credit:
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In Abu Dhabi industrial area (ICAD) 3 in Mussafah, there are tank storage terminals and many factories that have been functioning for the past few years. Even now, many construction companies work there, yet there is no proper access road from ICAD 3 to go to Abu Dhabi.

Vehicles heading to Abu Dhabi have to take a longer route by entering the Mussafah-Al Ain road and travel another 11 km for half an hour and get back through the Dubai Mafraq-tariff flyover. There is always heavy movement of trucks on this road and the vehicles coming from Al Ain, Ruwais, Mafraq to Abu Dhabi also add to the traffic congestion.

If the municipality provides an intersection or a U-turn for Abu Dhabi going vehicles from ICAD 3, it will be a relief for the motorists who have been experiencing this problem for the past several years. It will help allow for smooth flow of traffic.

This reader is a senior mechanical engineer discipline specialist in Abu Dhabi

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