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Labourers get an iftar treat

After over 14 hours of fasting, Sharjah’s Al Sajja labourers get an iftar treat.

  • Workers gather to have iftar.Image Credit: Madhu Madan
  • Image Credit: Madhu Madan
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Members of the community group “Students for the Earth” went to the labour accommodation in the Al Sajja area in Sharjah and offered iftar to about 250 labourers, recently.

We reached at around 5pm and started preparing for iftar. By around 6.45pm we were ready to serve. Workers from all around the area and camps started coming in and at 7pm we started putting biryani and fruit on their plates. As soon as the call for prayer was heard from the mosque nearby, the workers performed their prayers and started eating. It was so nice to see them ending their fast and eating together happily.

We had heard that this is one of the places in Sharjah where Ramadan charity groups don’t reach and these workers are often deprived of good meals. This is the reason why we chose this area. They were really happy and enjoyed eating what we served.

All of us were satisfied to see their delighted faces. I want to urge other readers to do as much as they can to give back to society.

The reader is an operations manager based in Sharjah.

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