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Irresponsible parents put their children at risk

Leaving children unattended in the car could be fatal

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I took the accompanying photograph when we were on our way to Global Village in Dubai.

I was really shocked to see children in the car ahead of us craning their necks out of the car’s window and the fact that their parents did not seem to care what they were doing.

If another car had bumped them from behind, something bad could have happened and the children could have gotten hurt.

Being a parent myself, I request other parents to please take care of their children. Don’t allow them to do these kinds of things, as it can be dangerous.

It’s the parents’ responsibility to ensure that all young children are secured in a child seat while in the car and that older children are wearing their seat belts. It is also up to the driver not to set off until everyone is securely fastened.

The authorities should fine drivers who put the lives of their children and others’ in danger.

The reader is a homemaker based in Abu Dhabi.

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