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Ignoring safe driving practices endangers everyone

Drivers must consider their fellow motorists and practice safe driving practices

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One morning, while I was travelling with my colleague from Sharjah heading towards Bur Dubai, I came across this sight.

I was waiting at the signal opposite a mall in Deira, where you turn towards the Floating Bridge, when I saw this car trying to get into the lane from the hard shoulder.

The person driving the car perhaps thought we were all fools to wait in the queue to get past the signal and decided to jump the line.

This is very dangerous, as sometimes the drivers already in line do not give way or those trying to cut don’t signal and just turn all of a sudden. Such drivers do not consider those around them.

I have seen this behaviour many times and so many accidents have happened in the past due to such irresponsible driving.

I believe such offenders should be punished severely, like having their licenses suspended for a period of time, which would serve as an eye opener to all other drivers.

The reader is based in Dubai.

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