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Garbage mars Sharjah’s residential areas

The sight has become an eyesore for residents

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I took these photographs in the Al Taawun area of Sharjah. The images are self-explanatory. These trash bins are located on Mamzar Street and are usually overflowing with excessive amounts of garbage. It is very unpleasant to the eyes as these bins are installed exactly on the main road, within the residential area. The increased amount of waste materials generated is one issue while the delayed collection by the Municipality for long durations is another major cause of concern for the residents.

Residents and businesses in the area continue to dump their waste on to the road if the bins are found full to the brim. The garbage is left in the open for several hours - sometimes even for several days - before finally being collected by the Municipality.

Household waste, in addition to commercial waste left on the roadside, is not only an unhygienic practice but also poses major health risks for those living in the neighbourhood.

The excess garbage includes items such as cardboard boxes; pest-infested used furniture items, heavily-soiled clothes, shattered glass, sharp objects, used baby diapers and rotten food.

Most of the children in the neighbourhood play in this area and unintentionally come in contact with the waste.

The situation is further aggravated due to the presence of stray cats and insects around the garbage - it serves as a breeding ground. There are increased possibilities of people falling severely ill due to the rapid spreading of germs that can prove hazardous to health.

The sight has become an eyesore for residents. It spoils the image of the residential areas in Sharjah. The concerned authorities could increase the frequency of their rounds in the area, considering the huge quantities of waste material left here.

Also, providing larger trash bins to accommodate the excessive volumes of waste would also help improve the existing situation. Moreover, the installation of recycle bins in every neighbourhood would be a great initiative towards protecting the environment and waste management.

Furthermore, providing segregated trash bins for residential and commercial waste would also help in resolving the issue. Lastly, stricter penalties and hefty fines should be imposed on those found to be violating the laws and leaving their trash on the roads instead of disposing it appropriately.

- The reader is a media student based in Dubai

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