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Fear of the unstable

Authorities need to inspect building and take immediate action

Image Credit: Salim Mohammad
Courtesy: Salim MohammadExposed to the elementsThis building in the Abu Tina area in Sharjah caught fire over two years ago, but nothing has been done to tear it down or refurbish it.
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This building, located in the Abu Tina area in Sharjah, caught fire about two years ago and nothing has been done about it. You can clearly see the burnt parts, and though they used to have some boards put up to cover up the damage, most are no longer there.

The building remains exposed and poses a danger to the community. The structural integrity might have been damaged due to the fire, so it is possible the building could fall down on its own, endangering anyone nearby.

If the upper floors were to come down, falling debris could land on pedestrians or vehicles nearby and would stop traffic in the area affecting everyone.

I would request the authorities to inspect the building and take it down if need be. At the very least they should inform the public about the buildings status to calm any fears they might have.

The reader is an administrator in the education sector, based in Sharjah.

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