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Ensuring the UAE’s birds have enough water to survive a top priority

We must do right by our feathered friends

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Thanks to undaunted efforts of various municipalities we are able to see more greenery around all the emirates.

And who could be the happiest with this green revolution? Our feathered friends of course; birds of different species who have made the UAE their home.

They live on grass seed, insect tidbits, fruits on date palms and the generous largess offered by bird lovers, and make a happy lively crowing, chirping or trilling sound, to the amusement of passers by.

However, what seems to have been neglected is their simple need to have non-saline water.

There is sea water all over, but that will not suit these sweet, water drinking birds. Their plight in harsh summer months is quite unnerving and heart rending.

Simple bird baths filled with water year round would suffice their needs and the baths would also be seen as decorative garden pieces dotting the greenery.

If budgets allow, then one might consider adding small fountains that would beautify the landscape and keep our bird friends happy and content.

These birds are living ornaments in the growing towns and cities of the UAE and we need to care for their basic needs now that they are a part of our society.


The reader is based in Sharjah.


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