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Drivers lack consideration for others when parking

Parking incorrectly irritates other drivers on the road

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A driver has parked their car at an incorrect angle, which causes an inconvenience for other drivers. One end of the car is edging out into the road and the front bumper is dangerously close to scratching the car ahead of it.
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I took this photograph a few days ago, behind Muroor Road, where all the mobile phone shops are located.

The owner of the pictured car in the middle seemed totally irresponsible in the way he parked his vehicle. His front bumper was already touching the other car’s bumper, even though his car’s boot protruded into the other vehicle’s way.

I wish the owner of this car would be more considerate about other people on the road. Certainly being a driver, such motorists should be aware of the difficulties people face to find a parking space, and how frustrating it is if someone scratches or hits your vehicle. I think there is a lack of civic sense.

I request that such drivers do not park their cars in this way in the future, and cause annoyance and irritation to others.


The reader is based in Abu Dhabi


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Bad parking and rash driving is the 'Hallmark' of many. To know about in which all abused directions one can park a car, you should visit a mall in Mussafah, Abu Dhabi. I have couple of times reported the matter to the HyperMarket offical but they say it would be informed to the Mall Management but its of no use so far. Also,while there is huge vacant parking available, cars are parked closer to the entrance on the narrow road creating nuisance to the other road users. It is so dangerous that a person newly driving on that road always risks ramming those cars taken by surprise. Let us all make it a point toadopt good road culture with fair civic sense.


6 October 2012 15:23jump to comments