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Don’t be careless with your children’s lives

Reader spots child travelling while standing under open sun roof

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Recently I went to Sharjah and was shocked to see a girl - perhaps two or three years old - travelling in a car by standing underneath an open sun roof!

It was quite disturbing to see the parents’ attitude. They were encouraging the child to stand on the seat. Aren’t we, as parents, supposed to show some responsibility while driving and safeguarding our children’s lives? Neither was the child wearing a seat belt nor was the car seat visible!

It was a very dangerous situation. I witnessed this incident as the driver was speeding away, unaware of the dangers in store.

I managed to click this picture since I was not driving and thought of writing about it to Gulf News since the newspaper gives us a platform to share our views on what is happening in our city.

I hope at least after reading such reports, parents realise their mistakes and follow the rules of safe driving.

- The reader is based in Dubai

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