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Avoid accidents by securing loads during transport

Items hazardously placed on a vehicle could cause road risks

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Abrar MohsinCause for concernDrivers travelling with big loads in their vehicles should ensure that the items are securely fastened to avoid any accident during carriage.
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I noticed this truck driving near a mall in Deira. This is a risky way to carry things in an open vehicle. The risk of these items falling is high, especially considering the speed at which the vehicles are driven.

Even though the items seemed to be tied securely with a rope, but since these are round bales, there is a high chance of the load falling if he suddenly hits the brakes.

This can pose a big risk for others on the road. There are many incidents of transporting a load like this. The best way to carry these kinds of loads is in a covered vehicle with a carrier in which the back cover and sides are higher than the load itself.

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