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Abandoned car poses dangers to motorists

Vehicle blocking right lane after fender-bender

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Mohammad ZeeshanObstructionAn abandoned car blocks lane on a road in Sharjah after an accident.
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I took this picture on the Corniche Road in Sharjah. It can be seen in the photograph that an accident has happened and a car, along with its broken bumper, is just taking up space on the road. This car has been here for over a week and it is creating and inviting even more accidents. It is parked in the slow lane, in a spot where the road merges with the main street. If you take a right turn in the area, you would immediately face this car. It is especially dangerous in the middle of the night when there may not be proper lighting in the area, and anyone could crash into it. I request the owner or the authorities to remove the car and the broken bumper off the road to avoid any mishaps.

This reader is based in Sharjah.

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