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Will this cat find her happy ending?

With a tough start in life, one-year-old is now ready for a new lease on life

Image Credit: Shana Sebban-Mannarini
Fluffy is an one-year-old female Turkish Angora
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Charming Fluffy is a one-year-old female Turkish Angora. Her story starts with her being bought from a pet shop by a breeder. She lived a miserable life for months on end, in a small cage, where she was forced to breed. Then, she started suffering from eczema from the stress she endured and with this, came extra veterinary bills. So, when she was no longer of any use, she was thrown out by her owners.

This was, however, a blessing in disguise, as otherwise, she probably would have been stuck in that cage her entire life, like a reproductive machine.

Luckily, her life in the streets was short-lived as she was rescued. At this point, she was skinny, just bones, so she was fed a lot. She slept in her foster mum’s arms and played with her son. She probably never imagined life could be like this, after all that she had been through, and we’re sure it was comforting to be loved again.

She was taken to the vet for a full check-up, and received treatment for her skin condition and medicines for other issues that she should have gotten a long time ago.

She is currently living in a foster home. Her foster dad is taking good care of her and she sleeps next to him on his bed. She follows him around wherever he goes and eventually, when he can’t resist, he picks her up and offers her a cuddle.

She would love a place she could call her forever home. She has a very sweet personality with a big heart and would be happy with a family that has children. She is fully vaccinated, dewormed, flea and tick-treated, microchipped and spayed.

If you would like to adopt Fluffy, please contact me at

— The reader is a member of the Middle East Animal Foundation (MEAF), a nonprofit animal welfare organisation in Dubai.