How to overcome every challenge in life

The book ‘helped and inspired’ the reader to change her life for the good

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The Gift of Acabar’ by Og Mandino, which I have read during high school, has since helped and inspired me to see and treat life in a good way. A section of that novel where the famous “Credenda” is written has become one of the guiding principles in my life. I feel I owe a lot to the author as he has helped shape the mind and heart of a young high school girl to see the beauty and goodness in life instead of the opposite.

The story evolves around the life of a boy named Tulo, his gift of writing and his inquisitive mind. Tulo has this beautiful talent of putting into words the many facets and views in life and how we must learn to overcome every challenge in life with courage and optimism.

The book is filled with moral values and steering philosophies in life that, with a combined passion for hard work and valuable use of one’s God-given talents, you can make a difference in this world and change your life and how you live it to form a better place to live for everyone.

Such life teachings written in the novel are not actually new to us, but rather hidden in some of us and just waiting to surface. This book helps unearth our deepest, basic innate goodness, which is inherent in each of us, if only we take that precious time listening to that small voice deep within us. Only if we learn to truly listen can we allow real change to happen in our own lives.

— The reader is based in Dubai and works in the construction sector.