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Suffered from lost bag

Reader lost his luggage and request further compensation from the airline

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I travelled with Etihad Airways from Abu Dhabi to Hyderabad, India, on September 9, 2016. When I landed in Hyderabad, I realised one of my bags was missing. Till date, I haven’t receive a positive response from Etihad. I returned on September 23, 2016 and logged a complaint, but I have still not received a response.

I have sent so many emails, but to my surprise, I did not hear back from them. I suffered mentally and financially because of the lost luggage. I planned my vacation to celebrate Eid Al Adha with my family and had bought some gifts for my children. My vacation was ruined, and my children suffered emotionally because they were waiting for their gifts.

I have sent pictures of my baggage and the contents, which might be useful for tracking, but have received no response yet. They offered me lost baggage compensation of $400 (Dh1,470), which is not reasonable, in my opinion.

I request Gulf News to kindly look into the matter and do the needful in tracking my bag as soon as possible.

From Mr Rasheed Raza

Abu Dhabi

The management of Etihad responds:

Mr Raza travelled with Etihad Airways from Doha to Hyderabad via Abu Dhabi on September 9, 2016. Upon arrival in Hyderabad, he reported his bag as missing, despite our tracking systems at all points showing that the bag was sent to Hyderabad from both Doha and Abu Dhabi respectively.

Our team in Hyderabad started investigating a possible inadvertent bag-swap with another guest. Mr Raza, who provided a picture of his bag before its disappearance, was offered the applicable compensation, based on the check-in weight of the missing luggage. Mr Raza was also upgraded to Business Class on his return journey to Doha, a goodwill gesture worth over $300 (Dh1,100).

There has been regular, documented communication with Mr Raza. Regrettably, Mr Raza has declined the compensation offered, although he did accept the upgrade to Business Class.

Despite our best efforts, the bag has not been found. Etihad Airways will therefore contact Mr Raza again, reiterating the previously offered compensation. We are, of course, sorry that Mr Raza’s experience with the airline was not wholly positive.

Mr Raza responds:

I’m thankful for Gulf News’ help in this regard. It’s true that Etihad provided me with Business Class tickets from Hyderabad to Doha — I neither demanded it nor requested it. At the last moment, at the boarding gate, Etihad changed my seat. I was not aware that I had been upgraded to Business Class till I entered the cabin and searched for my seat. I requested Eithad for $1,500 (Dh5,500) as compensation, but they offered me only $400 as per baggage weight. I suffered mentally, emotionally and financially — who is responsible for that?

Editor’s note: The reader’s response was sent to the management of Etihad Airways. However, they stand by their initial response and have nothing further to add.

(Process initiation: November 11. Response from organisation: November 13. Process completion: November 21).

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