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Have your say: New labour rule in UAE

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Workers who complete at least two years of contract period will not need former employer's consent to switch jobs.

Beginning January 1, 2011, foreign workers switching jobs will not need a no-objection certificate from former employers as the Ministry of Labour will make the decision, a senior official said on Sunday. Read full story here

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I understand what I have read in your paper and I congratulate the ministry for having the sense to see how disadvantaged the worker has been in the past. I have a situation at the present time in which my position was taken away from me under probation rules (120) of the Labour Law for reasons undisclosed by the employer. Under any persons contract here this rule can be imposed, if the employer states they are not happy with your performance without consultation with the Labour Court. I have worked here for the past 3 years in professional positons and had very satisfied employers but now face in a holiday period the situation where I have no positon, no NOC, no final pay cheque and daily threats to cancel my visa. Being so far from home the only support I have received is from a wonderful female at the Labour Court. What can be done about my circumstances?

Catherine Blackmore

21 December 2010 09:04jump to comments

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