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Have your say: Disrespectful behaviour

What is disrespectful behaviour to you?

Disrespectful people
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The mayor of Ankara, Turkey, chewed gum when he saw off France President Nicholas Sarkozy as a form of retaliation to Sarkozy’s similar act when he arrived in Turkey.

Do you find people who chew gum while talking to you rude or annoying?

What do you think is the most disrespectful behaviour a person can do while interacting with others?

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I fully agree wsith Mr. Litty.There was a time when respect to elders,teachers,parents was a normal thing,and if u fail to do so then u r inviting trouble upon urself. But nowadays,all those values are oldfashioned,and if u follow them then u r "out of tune with the times."I have met kids who are totally disrispectful,and not a word of dissent from the parent accompaning them.Sometimes I feel AS PARENTS WE HAVE BECOME MORE SCARED OF THE KIDS THEN THE OTHER WAY ROUND.


28 February 2011 15:00jump to comments

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