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Focus: The changing role of fathers

With both the mum and dad working in a family, has a child’s view of his father changed? Have fathers lost the position of being the enforcers? Join our Father’s Day debate!

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We have opened a page for robust debate among you. This page does not have a political stand and should be read in that spirit. We do not seek either to offend or to appease. We strive to present all points of view but expressed in a civil manner. Speak up and be heard on the week’s topics. This week, we are discussing the changing role of fathers and the following statements will be debated:

• Fathers today have lost the position of being the enforcers in a family.
• Children now view their fathers more as a friend than as an imposing figure.
• It has become easier for fathers to bring up their children the way they want to with the move from joint families to nuclear ones.


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Unlike earlier now days in most of the families both husband and wife are working. So the fathers are forced to do some of the jobs only mothers did in the past. This has changed the position of a father from being only an enforcer to an all-rounder’s role. It is really helping to improve the interaction between fathers and their children. This also gives the children a chance to know more about their father and they look up to their fathers as friends. There was a time the children were scared to interact with their father and if at all they wanted to communicate they tried through their mother. The situation has changed and the relationship between fathers and their children have improved drastically. In the past the fathers were smart enough to take the credit of all achievements and they were quick enough to blame the mothers for all wrong doings. Now with the father’s increased involvement they are forced to share the ownership. This is also helping to improve the relationship between husband and wife.The move from joint families to nuclear ones has increased the father’s responsibility. It has paved way for direct interaction with the children and the children also feel free to discuss with their fathers. This is important for the upbringing and it will have a direct impact on the character building of any child. Since there is a day to day interaction with the children the fathers are also getting a chance to understand their children. It plays a major role in molding their children. Father’s role is very important in imparting discipline to children. Often what happens is when the father takes the role of only an enforcer the child becomes a rebel and he shows an inclination to revolt father’s advice. If the father maintains a healthy relationship with their children then discipline will come by default. Fathers knows to keep a distance with their children how much ever friendly they are. It is important for any father to draw a line in their relationship with their children till a certain age so that children can be guided well. Children expect their fathers to be a role model and it is the duty of a father to rise to their expectations.

Shivshankar K.T.

18 June 2012 14:35jump to comments