Focus on wide angle

Readers showcase their photography skills

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Gulf News

You can learn so much from looking at a picture – whether it is of someone’s culture, work or lifestyle.

Deputy Picture Editor Sankha Kar noticed that readers concentrated more on people’s daily life during the month of July.

He said: “We saw bakers, potters and fishermen going about their daily work and it gave us an insight into their life.”

The month of July also gave us many pictures that showed people’s expressions.

Kar said: “Our readers captured a lot of emotions in the images that they took and in a way it speaks to us.”

On the other hand, there were quite a few pictures of landscapes and cityscapes.

Kar said: “Such photos bring out a lot of colours and lights. It shows Dubai’s glorious skyline.”

What impressed Kar the most is the angle at which these photos were taken, as he said that objects are usually taken from eye-level.

He said: “I noticed that many of our readers last month took pictures of common subjects but from an interesting angle and perspective.”

Common subjects seem different as the readers captured them from their viewpoint.

Kar encourages readers to take photographs that have a human element, as it tells a story and it is easy for the viewer to relate to the subject.