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Focus: Generation Y

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Generation Y
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  • Having lived a largely pampered life as children, Generation Y lacks grit.
  • Generation Y is forcing companies to think more creatively about employee management.
  • They care less about salaries and more about work-life balance. A childhood of being encouraged to develop multiple skills has led to an unrealistic view of life.

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Having lived with ear plugs in their ears, blackberry’s in their hands laptops on their knees the Generation Y is completely equipped and in sync with the world. This Generation is about nurtured and pampered individuals who are not only high maintenance but also give out high performance. Gen Y are ambitious, career oriented and face challenges with a ‘we can do anything attitude’. You can’t blame the older generation for their perspective. Yes Gen Y had it easy but that’s not it. There are 70 million of them. This in itself implies the survival of the fittest. A workforce comprising of Generation Y’ers is going to change the outlook of enterprises. With all its strengths and weaknesses Gen Y will bring change for the better.

Ria Lobo

7 March 2012 10:04jump to comments

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