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Civic Sense is need of the hour

Being busy does not mean we forget our basic manners.

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Nowadays, we are so busy that we do not have time to spare. We absolutely lack basic civic sense and some of us are not even bothered. Why is it that only a few of us need to do our homework and raise an alarm? A few days back, I was driving when I saw a motorist throw a tissue paper on the road. On several instances, I have seen people spitting on the roads, throwing litter in parks, throwing garbage bags from the top of the building, which eventually hits a passer by’s head. There are so many products that we use mindlessly every day, without a thought of how they might be affecting the environment around us. The time has come for us to think carefully before we use a product and look for healthy alternatives. Aren’t we all proud to live in a city that boasts a high standard of living and good infrastructure? Why is it that when it comes to keeping it clean, we turn a blind eye?

Be it littering, spitting, throwing paper and plastic waste on the streets and lanes, putting your dirty feet on the seat while using public transport or throwing cigarette butts on the road – we are oblivious! Being busy does not mean we forget our basic manners.

May be, it is time for the authorities to impose fines on people or make them clean the dirt up. Although there are garbage trucks and workers who clean the streets and lanes every day, the general public must be conscious of not dirtying the surroundings. As most of us are educated, we should have the basic sense to not litter. Similarly, when you are in the bus or using public transportation common sense should prevail that every one is using the mode of transport. The government should take up a strong initiative to make sure people don’t litter and impose a fine on those who do.

Ultimately this problem needs to be addressed in a pro-active way. People need to understand the gravity of the situation and realise that if not for us, nobody else can keep the surroundings clean. We must also control the habit of throwing litter and develop an attitude that would help in keeping our environment clean and green.

Each of us have a responsibility of keeping our city clean so let’s do it and not wait for others to come and clean the trash.

The reader is a freelance writer living in Dubai

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