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Awareness campaigns need to address fundamental problems

Inappropriate use of authority in a family has negative effects on the entire household

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The family in any society is given great importance as it forms the basis for cohesion and advancement, which goes hand in hand with the development of its individual members and their happiness.

The family is viewed by many social thinkers as a fortress of well-being, wherein the attitudes and relationships that are developed can have a direct bearing on the order, peace and wealth of an entire nation.

Each member of the household has prerogatives and all members of the family have mutual and complementary duties. If their rights and prerogatives are not maintained, it is impossible to sustain the unity in a family.

Inappropriate use of parental authority or dictatorial authority and arbitrary use of power by a spouse will have negative effects on the entire household. They must be replaced by humble fellowship and frank and loving consultation.

We need awareness campaigns that address such fundamental concepts. If we treat the symptoms only without looking at the reason behind the disease then we won't be able to treat the sick body.

— The writer is based in Dubai

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