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Netflix price hike will not affect UAE subscribers

The video streaming site has hiked up its rates in the US and the UK for its standard and premium subscriptions

Image Credit: AP

Netflix subscribers in the UAE will be able to watch the upcoming season of Stranger Things without having to worry about a rise in subscription rates, which has affected viewers in the US and the UK.

The video streaming site has confirmed to Gulf News tabloid! that Netflix has no plans to change its prices in the Middle East.

On October 6, Netflix announced it would be raising its subscription rates by 10 per cent across the US, with the streaming site’s monthly standard plan increasing to $10.99 (Dh40.35) from its earlier $9.99 charge.

The price for its premium plan, which includes ultra-high definition video, is going up by 17 per cent, to $13.99 from $11.99 a month. The basic plan, which limits subscribers to one screen at a time without high-definition will remain at $7.99 a month.

Meanwhile, Netflix UK is following a similar price hike, with its basic package of £5.99 (Dh28.74) remaining static, while its standard and premium membership prices are set to rise from £7.49 to £7.99 a month, and from £8.99 to £9.99, respectively.

Subscribers in the affected countries will receive email notifications about the new prices by October 19, giving them 30 days to accept the higher rates, switch to a cheaper plan or cancel the service.

According to an AP report, the increase in rates will be the first in two years for Netflix; although long-time subscribers have not been affected in the past as Netflix temporarily froze its rates for loyal customers the last two times it raised its prices.

The report further states this price increase is being driven by Netflix’s desire to boost its profits as it spends money to finance its award-winning programming content, which includes shows such as House of Cards, ″Orange Is The New Black, and The Crown, in addition to Stranger Things, which will see its new season stream from October 27.

Netflix has over 100 million subscribers across the globe.