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Wozniacki wants to win it for love

Bet with boyfriend McIlroy is to eat healthy

  • By Alaric Gomes, Senior Reporter
  • Published: 00:00 February 25, 2012
  • Gulf News

Dubai: Former world number one Caroline Wozniacki has taken several foods out of her diet — and all for the sake of love.

Ticked off the list are her preferred treats such as fried foods, sodas, sweets and even white bread, all for a bet with golfer boyfriend Rory McIlroy, who also has to follow the same diet regimen.

"The bet is with Rory, and I think I am going to win it," Wozniacki told media after her quarter-final win here on Thursday.

"[We both have to do it], that is until one of us breaks down. I'm stubborn, so I'm not going to give up. To be honest, I like quite a bit of sweets. Anything that is sweet will do. I usually don't drink sodas. That's never been tempting for me, or crisps or things like that. But chocolate or jellies, those are the things I really like."

The bet can be quite tricky considering that both players pursue their separate careers in golf and tennis all over the world. "But I trust him. He's such a bad liar, so I would tell right away if he had eaten something unhealthy," the Dane joked.

However, in all fairness, there is a clause in the arrangement that allows for a minor indulgement once a week by either of the players. "On Sundays, we are allowed to have one thing."

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