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Yas Marina in Jordan’s list of top three circuits

‘Abu Dhabi venue up there with Monaco, Singapore’

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Abu Dhabi: Former F1 driver Eddie Jordan has ranked Yas Marina as one of the world’s top three venues and points toward more street style circuits as the trick to engaging new markets.

Commenting on the circuit (which opened in 2009) and has been part of eight constructed in Asia and added to the F1 series over the past decade, Jordan said: “In four years, this race has become just such a feature of the Grand Prix calendar.

“Out of my top three races, Abu Dhabi is in there amongst the absolute best with Singapore and Monaco. They are all very different but one common stream running through them all is they are all effectively street circuits.

“Tracks where people live and run through hotels like Yas allow people to feel, touch and see things. Whereas if your in a place like Silverstone and Monza – they are great racing tracks – but the love affair with F1 seems to have been dragged towards city and street style circuits. That’s one reason Abu Dhabi is so revered.”

Jordan added: “No one realised it would foster and become so powerful. It’s held at the right time of year and is not too far from Europe. Abu Dhabi provides welcome relief at the start of winter in Europe and its just the most perfect weather you could imagine.

“It also has the mystique and ability to attract major artists, that’s part of the attraction. No other Grand Prix has that ability.”