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Postponed renovations of Majlis golf course make way for summer fun

Upgrade to take place in 12 months to allow for the necessary power supply to be guaranteed

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  • Published: 00:00 May 19, 2010
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  • Emirates Golf Club has deferred the proposed upgrade of the Majilis golf course until the summer 2011, officials have confirmed.

Dubai: Emirates Golf Club (EGC), the UAE's premier golfing destination, has deferred the proposed upgrade of the Majlis golf course until the summer 2011, officials have confirmed.

The decision follows a series of significant investments including the recent launch of Night Golf on the Faldo Course, as well as announcing the complete renovation of the clubhouse and the introduction of a boutique events venue, the Royal Majlis.

The famous Majlis course will now remain open during the forthcoming summer months.

With renovation work already underway, the major enhancement to the iconic "Bedouin Tent" clubhouse and the introduction of the Royal Majlis will continue as planned.

Numerous meetings

Emirates Golf Club and Dubai Creek Golf and Yacht Club general manager Chris May said: "After careful deliberation and numerous meetings with all the concerned parties, a decision was reached not to proceed with the programme of works on the Majlis course as originally intended for this summer.

"It was straightforward decision based on the simple fact that the additional power required for the new pump station, necessary for the new irrigation system, could not be guaranteed within the timeframe."

The proposed upgrade, which included a new fully automated irrigation system to reduce water consumption, new and renovated bunkering, additional landscaping and an extension of the cart path on the Majlis course, would now be carried out in the summer of 2011. The predicted closure period of the course was likely to be reduced to an even shorter window, reflecting the additional planning phase.

"With Night Golf on the Faldo and the continuing renovations on the clubhouse it remains an exciting time for Dubai Golf and the Emirates Golf Club," he said.

"On a very positive note the Majlis course will now remain open for play by our members and visiting guests from throughout the world all the summer."

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