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Jericho Rosales is still licking his wounds after his break up with Heart Evangelista and more gossip from the world of showbiz in the Philippines.

  • By Vincent Garcia, Gulf News Correspondent
  • Published: 00:07 May 18, 2008
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  • Jericho Rosales is still licking his wounds after his break up with Heart Evangelista.

Love hurts

Jericho Rosales seemed like a lost soul when he poured his heart out on national TV about his break up with Heart Evangelista.

Rosales admitted he was shocked that his
ex-girlfriend had already announced their break-up to the media.

He said, "I was in denial, because it wasn't final for me when she sent me a text message. It had not sunk in at that time, maybe at the back of my mind I was hoping we could still patch things up."


The reason for the alleged break-up? Briana Evigan, a Hollywood actress with whom the actor is paired in a film titled I Love You Virus.

But Rosales vehemently denied the rumour and said that he was still in love with Evangelista (now filming with Richard Gutierrez in Dubai) and that it would not be easy to forget her.

'Lot of lies'

He lamented the fact that he had to go and shoot a film in Malaysia, paving the way for their physical separation, for the first time in their three-year relationship.

"That made a big difference, because that also meant some people had the opportunity to tell Heart a lot of lies," he said.

Echo, as the actor is popularly called, has not always been
welcome in Evangelista's family; the ex-couple in fact became controversial because of their you-and-me-against-the-world relationship.

Songbird serenades

Regine Velasquez will be giving her fans a rare musical treat. She will soon have a solo programme, aptly called Songbird, a themed weekly musical show, which will enable
Velasquez to showcase her talent.

Hasn't she already?"Not quite," the songbird said."Here, the show's concept matters equally. In an actual concert, I do my songs and maybe some favourites; but I am unable to do a purely Madonna repertoire, for example. In this show, I can do that and so much more."

Each week, Velasquez will also sing a song only a few are familiar with and will have a featured guest of her choice.

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