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Mexicans in UAE ready for National Day 'Fiesta'

The Mexican Community in the UAE is getting together to celebrate the Mexico National Day on Thursday - the most important day on it civic calendar

  • By Miguel Gomez, Design Director
  • Published: 14:02 September 14, 2011

Dubai: The Mexican Community in the UAE is getting together to celebrate the Mexico National Day on Thursday - the most important day on it civic calendar.

They will remember the beginning of the independence from Spain movement 201 years ago on September 16, 1810.

Francisco Alonso Escobar, General Consul of Mexico in Dubai, said that every year, the night of September 15 a big public ceremony is held by the Mexican President, to remember the names of all the heroes that offered their life to give freedom and independence to the people and the Country.

¨This event is replicated in many cities and towns within Mexico and in all the Embassies and Consulates around the world¨, Escobar told Gulf News.

Here in Dubai, the event will congregate 600 guests between Mexicans and diplomats; there will be great ‘Fiesta’ with a Mexican buffet dinner, music and dance.

1,200 Mexicans in the UAE

He mentioned that there are around 1,200 Mexicans living in the UAE, most of them in Dubai, but also in Abu Dhabi and Sharjah. There are more than 150 pilots working for the national airlines, there are vets, graphic designers, hoteliers and others in the industrial and commercial sector.

The Mexican Consulate in Dubai opened in 2009 and as part of its divulgation duties organises Mexican art expositions and given the taste that people in the UAE has for Mexican food.

It also promotes gastronomic festivals. This year a folkloric dance will come to perform across the seven emirates as part of the celebrations of the UAE National Day in December.

In order to promote the Mexican heritage among children, a team of Mexican women are giving workshops and teaching Mexican history, culture, music and traditions.

"Here are children born outside of Mexico, and with this initiative we are enforcing the values that define us ", said Francisco Alonso.

The relations between UAE and Mexico have been good. Both Governments are negotiating various agreements to promote investment and trading. The Consul highlighted that tourism between countries has also been growing.


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