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Thou shalt not waste food

Reader says wasting food is disgraceful

  • By Arushi Madan
Gulf News Reader
  • Published: 00:00 June 24, 2013
  • Gulf News

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  • Readers_130617_Wasted Food_CE Food wastage is becoming a common sight here in the UAE. Pizza slices found lying on the floor near a garbage bin on June 17th, 2013. Photo Clint Egbert/Gulf News
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Recently, I was walking and was pained to see a whole piece of bread thrown in the middle of the road. There are so many less fortunate people who do not get enough food to eat and here we see people wasting food, like in the accompanying photo.

I can’t imagine why anyone would throw food in the middle of the road.

The worst part is, tossing away pieces of bread like this is a disgrace, as food is vital to our lives and a source of survival. All of us struggle and work hard to earn a livelihood and put food on the table and that very food is wasted like this. I felt like crying.

I would like to urge all readers to be considerate when it comes to food and be thankful to be able to eat three full meals a day. Never throw food away like this.

One should not cook excessive amounts to avoid wasting food. Even if there is excess, it can be shared with others or saved and consumed with the next meal.

Tens of thousands of people die of hunger every day and we are lucky we are not one of them. However, the question is, are we sensible enough to understand their pain?

Please, love food and hate waste.


The reader is a grade 10 student of Delhi Private School in Sharjah.


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Comments (7)

  1. Added 19:38 June 24, 2013

    I read with interest the reader Arushi's report. So nicely she conveyed her respect for food. I work in a private company and most of the people in our office lunch from food court. I often notice that these people know they wont be able to eat/finish full still they order, start eating from the full box and then after feeling full, leave the left over to be thrown into trash box. They can take a portion and eat. If needed, more can be taken. If not, at least unused food can be given to less prilivedged like cleaners, workers, who are in need of food.

    Ranjit Kumar, Sharjah, United Arab Emirates

  2. Added 19:35 June 24, 2013

    How nice of this young student Arushi to raise this topic of food wastage. Shows her attitude towards food. I respect and appreciate her. I agree with her viewpoint that food is to be loved, respected and not wasted. Don't overcook. Keep the leftover to be reused.Great report Gulf news and Arushi.

    Bhavna Kataria, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

  3. Added 19:32 June 24, 2013

    I liked the report by Arushi on food wastage. I myself at times think when I see food being wasted, why do people waste food? They can give to needy. They can buy controlled food, cook just enough food, order just what they need. Why take chances of excess food which you know you would throw?

    Anju Sharma, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

  4. Added 19:30 June 24, 2013

    Great topic of report. I am impressed with this reader Arushi, who is a student and is so considerate for this issue. She must be really a noble person. We all should pay heed to this and stop wasting food. Stop insulting food. I like the way Arushi has written "love food, hate waste".

    Rahul Khanna, Sharjah, United Arab Emirates

  5. Added 19:27 June 24, 2013

    First of all I would like to appreciate Arushi's report and her sentiments and concern for food wastage. I fully agree with reader Arushi's view. Even I see food on the road or being thrown into garbage box. I get hurt seeing this. There are so many poor people who die of hunger. At least we should think of them and stop throwing food.

    Firdoz, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

  6. Added 17:00 June 24, 2013

    I like this report and it is indeed true that many times food is seen thrown on the road or pathway. Shame on such people. Good pick, good of Gulf News to highlight this. Thanks to this reader Arushi for pin pointing this

    Hussain, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

  7. Added 10:14 June 24, 2013

    A very good observation indeed many people that i have seen at restauants order a meal for either 10 to 12 persons there will only be 2 persons ,Please be care ful when ordering food as well consider yourself as lucky enough to have food on your plate when people even do nt have a square meal to satisfy their hunger else where

    S, Sharjah, United Arab Emirates

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