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Running cars encourage criminal activity

Leaving the engine running encourages criminals and wastes precious resources

  • By Unmesh Datta, Gulf News Reader
  • Published: 00:00 January 31, 2013
  • Gulf News

The other day, I observed not one, but several cars left unheeded with their engines running.

An earlier report in Gulf News really opened my eyes as to how dangerous this can be. If a car is left unattended while the engine is running, someone might just steal it, and if an infant was left inside the car, he/she would be an easy target for kidnappers.

Also, being an environmentalist, I always try to think about the wastage of materials and resources. In this situation, the amount of fuel wasted would be a lot. A car running idle for 10 minutes consumes enough fuel to run for eight kilometres. This is simply unnecessary and we can save this and move towards a greener world.

Many statistics have shown that it is always economical to switch off a car’s engine if it is stopped for more than 10 seconds.

Recently, the authorities in Sharjah launched a fine system against drivers who keep their car engine running unnecessarily and I sincerely hope that now people will think twice before doing the same. It not only wastes fuel, but also allows the possibility of other crimes being committed.


The reader is a student in Delhi Private School, Sharjah. 

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