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Obscured traffic signs and dark road in Dubai pose risk to drivers

Speed bump sign hidden by trees go unnoticed by motorists

  • By Ajeet Kumar S. Pillai, Gulf News Reader
  • Published: 13:36 October 21, 2012
  • Gulf News

An obscured view of a road sign in Al Barsha
  • Image Credit: Ajeet Kumar S. Pillai/Gulf News Reader
  • A view of a road sign in Al Barsha is obscured by shrubs.
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I took these pictures in the Al Barsha 1 area of Dubai, near a supermarket. It is located in one of the inner roads that I take to get to Al Khail road from my office.

I noticed one of the traffic signs in the area hidden between the trees. It is a speed bump warning sign that is not visible at all.

The sign is located at a T-junction and it is a sign board for drivers coming from the other side of the road. It’s as though the sign is playing hide and seek between the road and the trees.

Another important factor here is that there are no streetlights on the road. At night, it is impossible to see the traffic board.

This is a really dangerous situation that I advise the authorities to rectify.


The reader is based in Dubai 

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