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Dubai traffic light confusion causes regular accidents

Drivers risk their lives everytime they approach Mankhool traffic light

  • By Naveen Vats, Gulf News reader
  • Published: 17:17 October 1, 2012
  • Gulf News

  • Image Credit: Naveen Vats/Gulf News Reader
  • This signal on Mankhool Road in Bur Dubai is in the wrong place, causing confusion among motorists and resulting in a few accidents every week.
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There is a signal on Mankhool Road in the Bur Dubai area, which is quite misleading.

When you stop on the line the signal should be in front of you, but it is actually across the road, which confuses motorists. Because the signal is on the opposite side, drivers think they still have time when the light is yellow, so they continue through the light and end up crashing into vehicles from on coming traffic.

The signal needs to be moved to prevent further injury. Through this report I hope to bring this issue to the attention of the concerned authorities so they can take immediate action.

Almost everyday I see an accident, at least a few every week. Even a minor crash can be dangerous, so the need to fix this situation is high.


The reader is based in Dubai.

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