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My Entertainment: Monica Pulgarin

DanceFit's Monica Pulgarin whips us into shape with her favourite dance-floor hits and A-list hotties

  • By Farah Andrews, Junior Writer, Scene magazine
  • Published: 17:34 December 18, 2012
  • Scene

Monica Pulgarin
  • Image Credit: Supplied picture
  • Monica 's favourite celebrity hottie is Channing Tatum.

Film & music

Favourite film of all time? Click
Favourite film seen in the last month? Ted
Ultimate movie icon? Meryl Streep
Movie character you’d most like to play? Catwoman
Favourite movie quote? “I don’t hate you because you’re fat. You’re fat because I hate you,” Mean Girls
Favourite movie snack? Nachos and a chocolate and strawberry crêpe
Current favourite TV show? How I Met Your Mother
First record you ever bought? A collection of the 40 best salsa hits of all time… Well at that time!
Last song downloaded? Somebody That I Used To Know, Gotye
Favourite band? U2
Song to be played at your funeral? My Way, Frank Sinatra
Best album of all time? Thriller, Michael Jackson
Song guaranteed to get you on the dance floor? Anything by Pitbull or Daddy Yankee


Favourite designer? Roberto Cavalli
Favourite fashion capital? Paris
Favourite restaurant in the UAE? Zuma
And what dish do you always order there? Nigiri sushi
Last book read? Emotional Intelligence by Daniel Goleman
Last thing you bought? Zumba clothes
Favourite holiday destination? Germany
Favourite hotel (anywhere in world)? Banyan Tree, Seychelles
Favourite celebrity hottie? Channing Tatum
Best UAE hangout? Toro Toro
Personal motto? “Welcome every day as a gift from God” and “Never let defeat rob your success”
Describe yourself in three words? Inpatient, workaholic, positive
Word or phrase you most say? “We make our own destiny”
Your signature cooking dish? Goulash

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