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10 Good things about the internet

Wael Tawfik is a marketing manager for a Dubai-based leading executive search company.

  • By Vibhuti Arora, Staff Writer
  • Published: 00:00 April 27, 2006
  • Friday

We all have our personal lists - of the zaniest/quirkiest/funniest/craziest/smartest .... We devote this page to them. This week, Wael Tawfik, a marketing manager for a Dubai-based leading executive search company, lists ....

Easy tool to communicate....
.... with friends, family, and business partners around the world very promptly and (almost) free of charge. You can also create folders and save all the communication for future reference (very beneficial in business).

Personal identity
For being able to have my own identity online (domain name, e-mail, and web space). I have reserved my own domain name, my family's domain name and many others.

You are in a position to choose what you want to see, where, when and for how long.

I like reading those funny e-mails from friends. Now you can make all your friends around the world laugh. Even if you are not good at cracking jokes, you can simply download them from
the internet and forward them to your friends.

Informed purchasing decisions
You can find information on almost any product and service. You can read reviews, see ratings and read actual consumer feedback and make informed decisions.

Always get the latest information
For being able to read latest news and gain knowledge about the latest products within minutes of
their release.

Business support
For being able to find up-to-date information and know-how on any topic. For example, when I wanted to select a PR company, the American PR Association had articles on how to select the best PR company for your business. And it worked perfectly.

Saving money
I used some award-winning designers from Chile, USA and Romania for a project for a fraction of the cost of using an overpriced regional design firm (which had also bid for the project).

Saves time and effort
Using e-banking and e-government saves considerable time and effort which gives you more time for you and your family to pursue hobbies.

Getting access to some of the best websites
I have some favourite websites which I often refer to for work or leisure. These come in handy when looking for something on the web.

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