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Quickfire with The Fray

tabloid! chatted to the band ahead of their Sandance gig in Dubai this week

Image Credit: Zarina Fernandes/ Gulfnews
The Fray, US band ahead of their Dubaidebut

We grabbed a quick chat with The Fray on Monday as they sat among the fishes in their underwater hotel room at Atlantis. Read the full interview in Tuesday’s tabloid!.

Q. Rumour has it you got your name from a random fan who wrote it on a piece of paper.

A. It was at an early show so they weren’t really random people, they were all blood relatives because they were the only people who would actually to come to the shows back then. And when I say show I use the term loosely - it was actually more of a graduation party in a field in a tent. We don’t know who came up with it, we just went with it.

Q. What could the name have been?

A. Brick Top Derby, Bella Dona, Street Fighters - those were probably the three which could have been. 

Q. Signed and in the Billboard 100 within 12 months. How does that feel?

A. It was a rocket ship to be honest. We were just boys from the suburbs of Denver and working at Starbucks, cleaning cars to being interviewed in some of the biggest cities in the world. It’s a total trip. It’s also a dream though. We do realise how lucky we are. 

Q. Did you stay on good terms with the manager at Starbucks or did you just leave when fame came calling?

A. I’m not really one for a job (Dave) I got fired a few times. 

Q. What will this weekend hold?

A. We are going to give it everything we have. It will be a show to remember. We’re off to Oman for a show tonight (Mon) and then we head back but it’s also great to see some of Dubai. It’s like a mini version of Las Vegas and we all know what happens in Vegas!