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PBR Streetgang debut in Dubai

The DJ duo bring Ibiza to 360 for one night only

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A PBR (Patrol Boat, Riverine) is a small rigid-hulled patrol boat used in the Vietnam war. PBR Streetgang is the name given to the boat crew in the 1979 Vietnam film Apocalypse Now. It’s also the name of this weekend’s guests at 360’s audio tonic Sunset Sessions, but we’ll let the guys, Bonar Bradberry and Tom Thorpe, explain more. With Ibiza a second home, PBR Streetgand make their Dubai debut on Friday.

Q: PBR Streetgang is an interesting name. Can you explain a little?

A: It’s from the film Apocalypse Now. PBR Streetgang is the name of the boat and we’re both big fans of the film. The small versatile vessel could operate in shallow and weed-choked rivers with great speed and manoeuvrability. “The crew were mostly kids. Rock and rollers with one foot in their grave,” says Martin Sheen, a star of the film. Watch the film and you’ll understand why!

Q: Is this your first time in Dubai?

A: This is our PBR Streetgang Dubai debut, so yes, I think we’re expecting it to be sunny and anything else is a bonus.

Q: How did you guys meet? Does it all seem pretty surreal now?

A: I don’t know about surreal but it seems like a long time ago. It was about ten years ago in fact. We met in a record shop through a mutual friend and realised we listened to the same records all the time.

Q: You’ve DJ’d with some impressive names. Tell us a backstage celebrity story?

A: A gentleman never tells! Though we were once mistaken for celebrities and managed to get a full police escort into our gig at V Festival.

Q: I’ve read lots about your “unique musical approach”. Why is what you do so different?

A: I guess we’re just trying to be ourselves and make music that interests us and we are passionate about. Hopefully that comes through. That and the fact we probably drink a lot more tea than other producers!

Q: You’ve played festivals and intimate nights — what’s best and why?

A: They are really different creatures so it’s really hard to compare. They both have their plus points. When you have a smaller, intimate venue you are locked in to what you’re doing and it feels amazing because it’s so intense. You can really throw it about musically and they will go with you. Festivals are more about the sheer fun of it and reaching out to such a big crowd; we love playing outdoors.

Q: What are you working on right now?

A: A remix for Leftrom and for 2020 Vision, two new EPs but that’s all we can tell you for now.


Don’t miss it

Audio tonic ‘Sunset Sessions’ with PBR Streetgang happens this Friday from 8pm, upstairs at 360, Jumeirah Beach Hotel. Below deck will be Megadon Betamax and Russ Cooper from 11pm. For table reservations call 056 682 6617 (after 3pm)

Doors open at 4pm, entry is free and for more visit