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A New York apartment furnished by Fendi Casa

Towering above New York’s famed Fifth Avenue is this stunning designer penthouse, opulently furnished and accessorised by the fabulous Fendi Casa

  • Words: Ayesha Khan, InsideOut magazine
  • Published: 16:18 January 14, 2013
  • InsideOut

  • Image Credit: Evan Joseph/ANM
  • “One of the biggest design inspirations here was the incredible view,” says Andrea Minnucci, Fendi Casa’s managing director.
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Number 400 Fifth Avenue is the embodiment of modern luxury. Set in New York City’s fashion centre, near Bryant Park, which until recently was the epicentre of New York Fashion Week, the building offers its guests the utmost in high-end living, including access to the amenities of the Setai Fifth Avenue hotel. Given its location and, of course, his Italian roots, Giuseppe Rossi of real estate developer Bizzi & Partners decided to team up with Fendi Casa to create the crowning 59th-storey penthouse’s uber-stylish interiors. And he didn’t disappoint. “The Fendi Casa penthouse is a vision of modern elegance,” he says. “It is open, light-filled and sophisticated – the perfect blend of lush, natural finishes and luxurious decor.”

Upon entry to the 334-square-metre apartment, the dramatic views of New York’s skyline and Bryant Park beyond immediately catch the eye. “One of the biggest design inspirations here was the incredible view,” says Andrea Minnucci, Fendi Casa’s managing director. “We really wanted to complement, not overpower, the picturesque background,” he adds, as he walks up to one of the floor-to-ceiling windows and points out the Empire State Building. It’s a clear night, and since the wall finishes are dark and neutral, the view is perfectly framed. In the open-plan dining room, an elliptical chandelier with Swarovski crystals presides over Fendi’s Bernini dining table in a sleek Deco Carballo finish. Diva dining chairs and a pure wool monogram carpet complete the look. The adjacent living room shares the muted colour palette. Another logo carpet, this time in a bamboo finish, sets the tone for the space. Quadrum coffee tables, Servus side tables and two Prestige sofas are among the customised Fendi Casa furniture. An Alupel bookshelf is cleverly used as a room divider. The formal yet comfortable room is completed with two wooden Hemingway armchairs, which complement the black oak flooring, and a Bellini chandelier.

The living quarters of the penthouse are separated by double doors, allowing for maximum privacy while entertaining. In the East River-facing family room, a retro look is accomplished through a black and white colour palette and Fendi’s famed faceted Crystal chairs in a Jada silver metallic finish, which Andrea says is an upcoming trend.

The master bedroom, which overlooks the Hudson River, is decorated in a demure colour palette. It features an oversized Urano bed, Canova bedside tables, a Domus chest of drawers and a transparent Vivaldi chandelier. Punches of maroon, from Fendi’s Autumn/Winter 2012 runway collection, are added to this space –
and with good reason. “Each new collection is based on the fashion line’s colours, materials, patterns and textures,” Andrea explains.

While it can be easy to fall into an over-the-top rendition of opulence, 400 Fifth Avenue’s penthouse features an impeccably curated version of Fendi-tastic elegance. And it is this customisability that sets the brand a cut above the rest. “Fendi Casa is a brand that caters to any individual’s style,” Andrea says. “All furniture is customisable and can be tailored to the client’s request. Because of this, each home furnished with Fendi will always look different to one another. However, craftsmanship, attention to detail and the quality of the material are Fendi Casa signatures that never change.” If these interiors have inspired you to get your own stellar Fendi New York City pad, it will cost you Dh66 million.

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