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Sheer glamour: The sexy, sultry woman at New York Fashion Week

A sexy, sultry woman has emerged at New York Fashion Week, but one that seduces with her confidence, not bare skin

Creations by Narciso Rodriguez, Tory Burch and Oscar de la Renta are presented
Image Credit: AP and Reuters
From left: Creations by Narciso Rodriguez, Tory Burch and Oscar de la Renta are presented during the New York Fashion Week.

Narciso Rodriguez

Narciso Rodriguez stuck to his signature, structured style at New York Fashion Week.

He must be doing something right. Sitting in the front row was Golden Globe-winning actress Claire Danes, a few seats away from another Rodriguez fan, singer Gloria Estefan. She said the designer has dressed her for some of the most special moments in her life.

"I love the stitching," she said. "I love the construction, the materials he uses are great because they hold you in well. He just thinks of the woman when he's designing these clothes, and sometimes that's not always the case with other designers," she said.

Rodriguez sent separates and dresses down the runway, many models wearing black gloves that cut off between their wrists and elbows with stripes of white, orange or chartreuse. They wore boots with chunks of colour, also green, white or orange.

The tops had asymmetrical layers and lines, while others were made with a print of large, scattered chevrons (a pattern of V-shaped horizontal stripes). Rodriguez largely used traditional fabrics, wools, crepes and silks. But there were a few interesting choices: ostrich boots and a beaver coat and jacket.

Tory Burch

This is about understated sexy," said Tory Burch backstage ahead of her runway show. "The picture I had was a young woman, maybe unaware of her own sex appeal, and she gets on the back of a motorcycle with someone who her parents wouldn't want her to be with."

Burch's muse never crossed a line, always remembering her bow-blouse and pearl-embellished roots, but she definitely gained an edge with slim pencil skirts and shiny gold thread woven into her tweed.

Burch singled out as the first piece headed to her personal closet a cropped peplum sweater, paired on the model with tight leather pants decorated with red, white and navy hand-painted stripes.

Burch accessorised many outfits with the long, leather opera gloves.

Oscar de la Renta

Jewels were everywhere on Oscar de la Renta's runway at New York Fashion Week.

The fashion legend used blown up versions of actual jewellery as inspiration for his prints. He put jewelled headbands in his models' hair and he embellished cardigans and coats with the sparklers for his fall collection that debuted on Tuesday.

As for colours, there was black, expected for the season, but also ice blue and light pink.

"I used a lot of colours you would not associate with winter colours but today's woman doesn't dress for seasons," he said.

The rest of the runway was filled with the rich, luxury items one would expect from de la Renta. There was a silver arctic fox collar, Chantilly lace applique on a chiffon blouse, cashmere sweaters and a gown with a gold silk taffeta skirt.