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Frosty but fashionable in cooler weather

What to pack for that trip to the colder climes

Tabloid on Saturday

Planning a trip to the colder climes of Sweden or Russia and have no idea what to pack? Don’t fret.

Personal shopper, stylist and blogger Teresa Karpinska, originally from Sweden, advises us on how to take from our own wardrobe here in sunny Dubai to frosty places in the northern hemisphere.

“Layering is key in colder countries. Make sure to pick up some monochrome classic pieces — that will last beyond your two week break. If you see pictures of celebrities on ski trips they are always in muted blacks, whites and greys,” Karpinska says.

Items to pack:

1. A high quality knit

Invest in a good high quality cable knit sweater, preferably in cream or white. These are timeless pieces — Ralph Lauren and Zara had some nice ones. On the runways we saw deconstructed basic knits with a twist — asymmetrical cut and side zippers.

2. Nicely fitted leather jacket

A jacket is essential for it is both contemporary and adds a nice touch.

3. Beautiful fake fur waistcoat

This is a versatile piece — remember you can wear it over the knit and jacket in cold climates for a contemporary look or wear it with a T-shirt for a slightly chilly Dubai evening.

4. Fitted denim

To get a look straight from French Vogue, fitted jeans are key. It gives a chic look.

5. Opaque tights

These are great as they can be worn under a dress in the evening or under jeans for those “just too cold” days.

6. Comfortable flat boots

I am in a love-hate relationship with Ugg boats. In the winter months of Sweden these boots with a faux fur lining are just so great but can look particularly silly in Dubai.

7. Wedge sneakers

Wearing stilettos in countries such as Sweden can be quite dangerous — you can slip and fall on the ice. For those who want a bit of height wedged sneakers are a good idea.

8. Pashmina scarf

To look like you just walked out of the pages of French Vogue, accessorise with a pashmina scarf. It’s great for keeping warm too.

9.Thick maxi skirt

These are great paired with a thick winter jacket for the evening. Wear tights underneath to keep warm.

10. A stylish hat

These are great for keeping body temperatures up. A slouchy beanie or fedora hat always looks great.

To survive the cold and look fashionable:

1. Fit is key with layering. You don’t want to appear too chunky.

2. Large handbags are the norm in the winter season. I would carry my heels in the bag and wear comfortable boots to get to my destination and change once I got there. Everyone does it in colder climates.

3. Embrace the natural structure of your hair. Blow drying it or straightening it would result in you looking like a fuzzy chicken — it’s difficult to sustain a hair style in the cold just like in the Dubai summer.

4. A statement lip colour would save you from looking worn out. Classic red is always good.

5. Some great winter colours are burgundy, mustard yellow and navy blue.

6. Travel light. I always go with an almost empty bag back home to take advantage of the amazing end of season designer sales.

7. Eat healthy. We all crave comfort food during the cold winter months. Think twice before succumbing to unhealthy snacks. Instead opt for warm soups to beat the chill.

Teresa Karpinska can be contacted at